ITC’s Wills Lifestyle was launched in 1999 as Wills Sports and has gone through various rounds of evolution ever since. Offering premium quality lifestyle apparel and incorporating the latest fashion trends for both men and women. Over the years, ITC’s Wills Lifestyle became synonymous with highest quality, fashion and elegance.

  • We continue to build on the promise of purity, quality and craftsmanship under a new name - ‘WLS’, an ode to our philosophy of Less is More. We at WLS, continuing our journey of evolution, have made the paradigm shift to 100% Natural Fibers.

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  • Breaking ground as the first mainstream Indian apparel brand to embark on a journey of the unhurried art of storytelling & giving back to nature.

All garments starting Spring Summer ’19 are made of cotton, linen, silk or wool fibers. This is a phased approach, as we go from making clothes with natural fibers to developing all trims such as the threads, buttons, labels and shopping bags using natural elements.

The new brand logo, ‘Tattva’, represents the confluence of all the primary elements - earth, wind, fire, water and space - inspired by the pristine world of nature.

The WLS design philosophy retains the minimal, understated and sophisticated characteristics, that have inspired loyalists for over two decades, while moving in the direction of authentic, India-inspired styles and patterns, crafted for both men and women.